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eWAIT is another option for our subscribers and enables you to view the current issue in color on your screen.

eWAIT is delivered to you via email as a pdf file each month.

If you are interested in buying engines or tractors from collectors in the western states, the eWAIT
feature makes it practical for subscribers anywhere in the world to respond to ads as quickly as our closest subscribers.

Generally the pdf file is sent on the evening of the last day of each month for the coming month issue.

If you have slow mail service, eWAIT enables you to contact sellers before your printed copy arrives in your mail box.

An "eWAIT only" subscription (no mailed printed copy sent to you) is $15 for 12 months to anywhere in the world.
A regular subscription with the printed mailed copy, plus having the eWAIT pdf file emailed to you is $33 for 12 months.

Canadians: The $15 "eWAIT only" subscription is definitely the best option.
The mailed printed copies may take significantly longer to reach you.
A subscription for the mailed issues to Canada is $36 for 12 months.

Click to see the eWAIT sample issue.

Be aware the sample issue is over one year old!
This is just to show you what a complete eWAIT issue looks like.