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Western Antique Iron Trader (W.A.I.T.) is published monthly.

There are three categories of subscriptions:
1. "eWAIT only" emails a pdf file to you to view the issue in color.
2. Regular W.A.I.T. is a paper booklet, mailed first class to you.
3. Dual delivery option. Receive both the printed issues and the eWAIT pdf file.

New issues are usually mailed a few days before the end of the month.
The eWAIT pdf file is usually emailed the evening of the last day of the month.

Subscription Rates Rates in US dollars
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for 1 Year
eWAIT pdf file emailed each month

Printed issues mailed each month to USA address

Printed issues to USA address plus eWAIT pdf emailed each month

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NOTE for Canadian subscribers.
We suggest Canadians use the eWAIT subscription same as other international subscribers.
If you do not want eWAIT, mail a $36US payment to the below address.

Send check or money order to:
Western Antique Iron Trader
PO Box 2506
San Ramon CA 94583

When mailing your subscription request, please indicate if you want your subscription to start
with the next issue or to start with the current issue.
Be sure to include your email address so we can contact you if there are any questions.

If you have questions the best way to contact us is to use email.
Send us email at

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