August 2013 - Engines & Parts For Sale

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Atlas Lanova diesel gen-set generator is 5KW Onan water-cooled & rare, $400; Steve Stevens nnn-nnn-nnnn (Medical Lake WA)

Briggs & Stratton, 9hp, runs, $25; Bill Evans nnn-nnn-nnnn (La Crosse WA)

Bullseye 6 hp sideshaft, type GE, sn 6647, 350 rpm, mag, oiler, with wooden battery box, with Underwriters Labs Inspection tag. $7,425. Email for pictures and details; Kathy Repp nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Snohomish WA)

Case RE power unit, complete & nice, $400; Steve Stevens nnn-nnn-nnnn (Medical Lake WA)

Clutch Pulley: Clutch pulley taken off of 2-1/2 hp Famous. Great condition, $300. Email for pictures and details; Kathy Repp nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Snohomish WA)

Deutz 70 horse air cooled diesel engine, runs good, $800; Robert C Pierce nnn-nnn-nnnn (Omak WA)

Economy 1-1/2 hp E original finish on newer cart. Hot ek mag runs good has muffler, $650 or open to offers; Robert Middleton nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Reno NV)

Engines & Parts: Due to my back not getting any better, it's time to thin the herd of some of my engines. 5 hp Economy with Elkhart magneto: barn fresh look, some original paint left. On a nice heavy cart, has a new fuel tank and fuel lines, rebuilt igniter, $1600. 4 hp Novo type S project engine. Only flaw is a repaired Flywheel hub, but it was done right. All Painted, all there, just needs final assembly, repro muffler $750 obo. 4 hp Leader engine, older restoration, nice engine. $1200. John Lauson 1-1/2 hp, solid flywheels, with EK magneto, needs paint, $500. 2-3/4 hp Alamo Blue line on original cart, has the Wizard magneto set up. Older restoration, nice runner, $1250. Email for pictures. I can load a truck or trailer. I can also ship these as well for a small fee or bring to a local show. Open to offers, buy more than 1, and I will discount the prices; Craig Mathews nnn-nnn-nnnn (Northridge CA)

Engines: "Close out sale. All items negotiable!" 3 hp Fairbanks Morse, good shape but stuck, $150. Lalley Light Plant, it was free but appears to have no compression, the crank with it, $125. 9 hp B&S, runs, $25. 5 hp B&S, new, $120. Wisconsin BKN, runs, has mag. Wisconsin AB, runs, has mag. Rare 4 cyl Wisconsin inline air-cooled, was sold by Montgomery Ward. The ID tag is with it, $75. IH single cylinder engine, $50. Wisconsin V-4 engine, good shape; Bill Evans nnn-nnn-nnnn (Lacrosse WA)

Engines: 6 hp Stover K, K0201650; 3 hp McCormick Deering M; 3 hp Stover W136687; Maytag washing machine single cylinder; International LA; Hildreth Iron Works pump jack with Hildreth Iron Works well cover well pump mounted on a cart, unit pumps the save 5 gallons of water; grain grinder & corn sheller mounted on stand; 10 apple boxes of ear corn. Package price: $5000; Bob Hitchcock nnn-nnn-nnnn (Overton NV)

Fairbanks Morse 10 hp engine, 2 large flywheels, 8" piston, older restoration, on steel wheel cart. Inherited from my father. Will trade for Farmall Cub tractor or $1800; Del Hollingsworth nnn-nnn-nnnn (Albany OR)

Fairbanks Morse 25 hp N hoisting engine, $4500 obo; Stan nnn-nnn-nnnn (Gardnerville NV)

Foos 6 hp, wipe spark, hopper cooled. Restored on original cart, $16,500; Dick Watson nnn-nnn-nnnn (Gridley CA)

Fuller and Johnson, 3 hp, model K nice condition, including low tension magneto, $1100 obo; Don Decker nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Ridgecrest CA)

IHC 2 hp vertical with Webster magneto, bored & sleeved, restored, on home-made steel trucks, $3200; Gene DeCamp nnn-nnn-nnnn (Cottonwood AZ)

IHC Mogul 2 1/2 hp. Some original paint, mag and it turns over, $1500; Dick Watson nnn-nnn-nnnn (Gridley CA)

IHC Tom Thumb painted and on cart, $1500; Dick Watson nnn-nnn-nnnn (Gridley CA)

IHC/McCormick-Deering 1-1/2 hp, runs, $375. Fairbanks Morse 1-1/2 hp headless, good condition, $350. 3hp F-M 'Z' complete $425. 6 hp F-M 'Z' complete and running, has crankguard, $750. International LA, complete, has extended water hopper, $250. Novo 1-1/2 hp?, $350. Dragsaw motor, no cracks or welds, has flywheel and not stuck. Don't know if Wade or Vaughn, $100. 12" cast iron wheels, 6 spoke. No cracks or welds, includes 1" axle and bolsters/risers, $100 for a set of 4 wheels. Open to offers; Ray Bathrick nnn-nnn-nnnn (North Bend OR)

Ingeco AK 2-1/2 hp, sn 5445, runs great. $1,320. Email for pictures and details; Kathy Repp nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Snohomish WA)

Lister diesel engine. 2 cylinder, made in England. 20 horse power, $1200 obo; Jonathan Jude nnn-nnn-nnnn (Dorena OR)

Olds 6 hp engine. Early Olds tank-cooled engine with original muffler & belt pulley. This is a rare head type engine, has been set up to run on brass Schebler carb, had been set up this way for many years, $3500; Dave Itel nnn-nnn-nnnn (Aurora OR)

Palmer model LLH marine engine. This engine came from an aluminum double ender life boat that my friend Ridley attached a sling on bow and stern lifted with forklift, promptly folding the boat in half. Has F-N-R transmission ready for your boat, $400; Bud Tuttle nnn-nnn-nnnn (Solano Co CA)

Red Seal power unit, with F 162 Continental engine. Engine is loose, mag has spark. Twin-disk hand clutch with flat belt pulley. Tin in good shape with side curtains. Crank start. Not running but looks like easy restoration, $250; Jon Rodgers nnn-nnn-nnnn (Sonora CA) [link to photo]

Rider-Ericsson 8" hot air engine on skids. Good condition. $7500; Dick Watson nnn-nnn-nnnn (Gridley CA)

Sattley 3hp hit and miss engine. Nicely restored. Runs great and show ready. It is on a nice Allied Machine Welding "Big Boy" cart which is included ($400 value). Email for pictures if desired. Pick up only. $900 obo; Larry DeLeon nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Fallon NV)

Sparta 2 hp, igniter fired, runs great and steady at 200 or so rpm. Nice show engine on cart, have new decals gas tank but could use paint coil battery box knife switch fuel shut off, $975 obo. May take steam engine (toys models)/whistle as part trade; Robert Middleton nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Reno NV)

Stover 4hp K, sn KG204639. Beautifully restored, hunter green with orange trim, custom made cart. Runs great! $1250 obo. Will email pics; Roland Cobb nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Vancouver WA)

Wisconsin engines, BKN runs, $45; AB runs; Bill Evans nnn-nnn-nnnn (La Crosse WA)

Witte diesel with gen base, $500 obo; Stan nnn-nnn-nnnn (Gardnerville NV)