April 2014 - Engines & Parts Wanted

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Fairbanks Morse (1901 or earlier) ”T” mixer nicknamed a “beehive”. It was supplied on 1901 or earlier vertical “T”s. I’ll buy an engine if it has the mixer. Thanks in advance; Jimmy O'Hagan nnn-nnn-nnnn (Novato CA)

Fairbanks Morse 1902 8 hp standard horizontal (type "N") parts wanted. I have an early 8 hp hoisting engine that’s missing most all the engine parts. Any parts leads appreciated; Mr. Kim Kestler nnn-nnn-nnnn (Reno NV)

John Deere 1-1/2 hp E fly wheel wanted, the one on the same side as the magneto; Ron Cooper nnn-nnn-nnnn (Chico CA)

Samson gas engine late style parts wanted. I have a late style Samson gasoline hoisting engine that I need ignition parts and the intake manifold, and mixer for. I would also like to find a late style brass nameplate for it as well. Any leads appreciated; Mr. Kim Kestler nnn-nnn-nnnn (Reno NV)

Stover W parts or complete engine wanted, a stuck but complete engine would be perfect, or even an engine with broken flywheels would be good.; George Best nnn-nnn-nnnn or xxxx@xxxx.xxx (Beaverton OR)

Tall water hopper extension for an IHC LA/LB 1.5-2.5 hp engine wanted. Mainly used on engines to

operate a milk cooler or pump jack. It is approx. 19.5 inches tall. I am willing to pay a good price for a nice complete hopper. I am from Indiana but would pay all shipping and handling fees or arrange pick up; Kyle nnn-nnn-nnnn or xxxx@xxxx.xxx (Tipton IN)

Wanted: Dead or alive! For Delco air cooled 4 cylinder 110 volt light plant: generator assembly, armature, field coils, switchbox, etc. Also any parts or info for Sunbeam Farm Light Plant, Ingersoll Rand Spot Air 3 cylinder air compressor; Jim Barratt at nnn-nnn-nnnn or xxxx@xxxx.xxx (Camas WA)