August 2014 - Engines & Parts Wanted

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Buda headless engine model W, WU, R or RU wanted. This is a 4 cylinder engine about 3-3/4" bore.; Roland nnn-nnn-nnnn (Grants Pass OR)

Bulldog 1-1/2 hp needs single or a pair of flywheels and a nameplate; Joe Olsen nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Ukiah CA)

Fairbanks Morse 1902 8 hp standard horizontal (type "N") parts wanted. I have an early 8 hp hoisting engine thatís missing most all the engine parts. Any parts leads appreciated; Mr. Kim Kestler nnn-nnn-nnnn (Reno NV)

Fairbanks Morse 6 hp Type T (small vertical) complete engine or parts wanted; Don Decker nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Ridgecrest CA)

Fairbanks-Morse Z 6hp hopper cooled parts wanted, such as exhaust rocker arm lever, exhaust push rod, throttle rod, crank cover, intake & exhaust valves in good condition, just to name a few. Call us if you have what we need! Pat Bold nnn-nnn-nnnn or John Bold nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Delhi CA)

Galloway 5 hp needs round rod; Norm Bunker nnn-nnn-nnnn (Bellingham WA)

Need an Essex or Lunkenhiemer straight through mixer, 3/4" or 1" NPT. These were used on the early Sparta built Economy engines, and Leader Field Force engines. Reproduction, original or any leads appreciated; Kevin Fielding nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Clearfield UT)

New Way 6 hp horizontal engine wanted, complete & running; Bruce nnn-nnn-nnnn (San Francisco CA)

Samson late style gasoline hoisting engine needs ignition parts and the intake manifold, and mixer. I would also like to find a late style brass nameplate for it. Any leads appreciated; Mr. Kim Kestler nnn-nnn-nnnn (Reno NV)

Sparta Economy 2 hp needs flywheel, 22" diameter 6 spoke with 1-1/2" shaft, 5/8" keyway, single split, one bolt; Norm Bunker nnn-nnn-nnnn (Bellingham WA)

Stover 1-1/2 hp igniter and speed control wanted; Harry Brogioli nnn-nnn-nnnn (Canby OR)

Stover W parts or complete engine wanted, a stuck but complete engine would be perfect, or even an engine with broken flywheels would be okay; George Best nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Beaverton OR)