February 2016 - Engines & Parts Wanted

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Economy drop center cart for 5-7-or 9hp engine wanted to purchase; Jim nnn-nnn-nnnn or xxxx@xxxx.xxx (Tacoma WA)

Fuller & Johnson vertical pump jack engine wanted, any condition considered; Jim Harry nnn-nnn-nnnn (Littlerock WA)

Ignitor needed for Alamo Blue Line 2hp wanted; Jim Harry nnn-nnn-nnnn (Littlerock WA)

Large (8 hp or larger) headless Witte stationary engines wanted; Jim nnn-nnn-nnnn eves (Lumby BC)

Need a piston and rod for Jaeger 2 hp hit miss engine and EK mag; Fred Thomason nnn-nnn-nnnn (Plymouth CA)

Wanted dead or alive! For 4 cylinder air cooled Delco 110 volt light plant, need generator end with armature, fields, switchbox and innards, any condition; Jim Barratt nnn-nnn-nnnn or xxxx@xxxx.xxx (Camas WA)

Witte 2hp parts wanted: Flywheel and gov. assembly. Flywheel is 18 inch diameter; Earl L Wacker nnn-nnn-nnnn (Penngrove CA)