May 2018 - Tractors & Parts Wanted

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Belt pulley for Deutz tractor; Buck Evans nnn-nnn-nnnn (Greenville IL)

Best 30 tractor wanted. Any condition, whole or parts. Also looking for parts for early 30 engine like valve covers that say “Best” on top, a Berling EQ-42 magneto. Have other Caterpillar parts to trade; Kim Kestler nnn-nnn-nnnn (Reno NV)

Case R sunburst grille wanted; Mark Parker nnn-nnn-nnnn (Lebanon OR)

Caterpillar D2 track guard for late 5U S/N 15,000+, 29” long; Mike Kriebel nnn-nnn-nnnn (Moscow ID)

Caterpillar D4 main engine (diesel) hand crank. Measurements and pictures would also work; Pat Sorensen nnn-nnn-nnnn or (San Ramon CA)

Drive line cover wanted for a 1939 John Deere L; Ken Mettler nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Woodbridge CA)

Ferguson tractor wanted, 1950s, TO35, running condition; Patrick Bold nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Delhi CA)

Ford 861 or late Allis Chalmers WD-45 or D17. Must be in excellent condition with gas engine, power steering and wide front axle; Lee deVries nnn-nnn-nnnn (Crawfordsville OR)

International TD18 engine; Richard Parker nnn-nnn-nnnn (Lind WA)

John Deere 830 2-cylinder parts or parts tractor wanted; Mark Parker nnn-nnn-nnnn (Lebanon OR)

John Deere engine for 2010, 1963 or newer, must be running or in very good shape; David Lundgren nnn-nnn-nnnn (Spokane WA)

John Deere R, 80, 820, 830 34" cast wheel centers and rims, have 26" centers and rims to trade; Mark Parker nnn-nnn-nnnn (Lebanon OR)

Massey Harris 201 202 or 203 tractors wanted; Mark Parker nnn-nnn-nnnn (Lebanon OR)

Minneapolis Moline: any tractor or parts tractor, UTC High Crop tractor in any condition. Minneapolis Moline 10in. or 16in. single wheel front end for a U or UB, hood for a UB or late 52 or 53 U; Mark Parker nnn-nnn-nnnn (Lebanon OR)

Need: Cast iron, flat top Rings: 3 Piston Height: 3.2” (approximately), piston weight: 698 g (approximately), compression height: 1.5" (center of wrist pin to top of piston, approximately), wrist pin diameter: 0.9” Casting No.: 8-101 (inside piston). Name your price. Will pay your next eWAIT subscription as perk; Ray Chrispens nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Terra Bella CA)

Oliver 77 rear engine side panels wanted, good original set; Steve Zane nnn-nnn-nnnn (Paynes Creek CA)

Rear 36 "or 38" rims with centers to fit 6 bolt hub and 14"-30"or 34" drop center rims in good condition wanted; Mark Parker 541-619 -2692 (Lebanon OR)

Still looking for Centaur tractor parts including parts for the Leroi 2cylinder. Have FMC narrow front wheel drive, sn 27904 to trade or part. Briggs engine on this one. Have money will travel. Paid subscription to eWAIT with purchase; Ray Chrispens nnn-nnn-nnnn or (Terra Bella CA)

Tire wanted, 9x36 with decent tread; Tom Butterfield nnn-nnn-nnnn (Joseph OR)

Tire wanted: 12.4x26" tractor tire; Robert McLaughlin nnn-nnn-nnnn (Benton City WA)

Tires: Goodyear 7.50-18 single rib tire in like new condition wanted (need one). Goodyear 14.9-28 45-degree bar 75% tread (need one); Mark Parker nnn-nnn-nnnn (Lebanon OR)