2010 - W.A.I.T. Cover Photos

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January 2010
Caterpillar Ten picture taken at the 2002 Great Oregon Steam Up at Brooks Oregon.

February 2010
A Western hoisting engine sitting in a town park in Arizona. We saw this last year on the way to the Cottonwood AZ show. At the show we were told this engine is in running condition and is run a couple times a year.

March 2010
A nice display of oilers shown at the Great Oregon Steam-Up at Brooks Oregon in 2009.

April 2010
Here's an appropriate engine for the April cover. This engine is owned by James Johnson in Washington.

May 2010
Old drilling rig next to highway near Sutter Creek CA. Made by Armstrong Mfg Co, Waterloo Iowa. At one time this self propelled unit had an engine, but it is gone now.

June 2010
Carson Wiley's 1904 Union 3 HP gas engine that will be
displayed at the Best of the West show in June.

July 2010
Not an antique, but it was a tractor that we saw at a vineyard in Italy during our vacation the first part of June.

August 2010
Row of Farmall tractors at the 2010 Great Oregon Steam-up show at Brooks Oregon.
September 2010
A interesting Farmall BN with two seats and two steering wheels. Seen at the 2010 Tillamook Oregon show.

October 2010
Omaha Chief shown at the Great Oregon Steam Up
at Brooks Oregon in 2010.

November 2010
More of the International tractor line-up at Brooks Oregon in 2010.

December 2010
Dan and Janet Kattenhorn's 1948 Caterpillar D-4. Part of Dans collection of various tractors. Applegate California 530-566-7180

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