2012 - W.A.I.T. Cover Photos

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January 2012
Series III Field Marshall tractor that is shown at the Great
Oregon Steam Up on a frequent basis. Very nice tractor, much nicer than my Series II.

February 2012
This John Deere M is one of the advertised tractors for sale in this issue.
March 2012
Threshing with a 1928 John Deere D owned by Mike Cristler at
The Best Show: Harvest Spectacular 2011 in July of last year.
Show was held near Woodland CA.

April 2012
10 Ton Holt engine. Picture taken at the California Antique Farm Equipment Show at Tulare California.

May 2012
A line of Massey Harris tractors shown at the recent California Antique Farm Equipment Show.

June 2012
6 hp Galloway engine on a homemade cart.
Wheels on cart are cast iron mower wheels with the lugs ground off.
Seen at the Spokane Valley Heritage Fair.

July 2012
1970 Oliver 2255, made from 1970-1976, powered with CAT 3150 diesel.
Shown at the Pottsville show in June 2012.
August 2012
1954 Allis Chalmers WD45 tractor shown at the 2012 Pottsville show near Grants Pass Oregon

September 2012
25hp M Rumely steam engine at the EDGE&TA National Show held near Huntley MT in August 2012

October 2012
Deardorff tractor made in Portland Oregon.
Owned and restored by Dick Tombrink and shown at 2012 EDGE&TA National show.

November 2012
1947 Allis Chalmers Model W Patrol Owned by Don Travis and
restored by Charlie Gomes of Fallon, NV

December 2012
6hp New-Way engine shown at the June 2012 Pendleton Oregon show.

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