2014 - W.A.I.T. Cover Photos

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January 2014
Sue Westwood sent us this nice photo of a Best 60 crawler seen at the Wallace Ranch near Woodland CA in 2013

February 2014
John Hahn of “Hahn Tractor Seats” standing by 979 Caterpillar Off Road Truck in Caterpillar Visitors Center in Peoria Ill.
Tires are 14 ˝ foot tall. July 2013.

March 2014
30-60 Hart Parr. Photo was taken in 2011 in Pennsylvania.
Rumor has that it was sold by a collector who lived in Spokane years ago.

April 2014
Not a tractor or engine, but still an interesting piece of old iron.
It also is for sale in this issue.

May 2014
Photo taken by a Czech friend at a steam show in the Czech Republic last summer. Photo of steam powered bikes.

June 2014
Photo taken at the Tulare show in 2013.
Nice row of Massey Harris tractors.

July 2014
Case M3 forklift on tracks.
Seen near Bend Oregon

August 2014
A row of Allis Chalmers tractors at the
2014 Great Oregon Steam-Up at Brooks Oregon

September 2014
Allis Chalmers Speed Patrol grader photo sent to us by Dan Kattenhorn of Applegate CA

October 2014
Might be a bit early for Halloween, but this Cat 22 with a skeleton photograpthed by Dan Kattenhorn is fitting for October.

November 2014
Interesting firewood splitter seen at a show in the Czech Republic at Zamberk during a show in September 2014.
The splitter was powered by a portable steam engine and two people could split wood at the same time. Plus each splitting station could be adjusted for length of wood.

December 2014
A very nice F. Wicherle portable steam engine which was one of many steam engines in operation at the Zamberk Czech Republic show that George attended in September 2014.

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